The Hollow

The Hollow

The Hollow


  • Kevin Zegers - Ian Cranston
  • Kaley Cuoco - Karen
  • Nick Carter - Brody
  • Ben Scott - The Headless Horseman
  • Stacy Keach - Claus Van Ripper
  • Judge Reinhold - Carl Cranston
  • Lisa Chess - Helen Cranston
  • Nicholas Turturro - Sheriff Duncan
  • Eileen Brennan - Joan Van Etten
  • Joseph Mazzello - Scott
  • Shelley Bennett - Erica
  • Melissa Schuman - Amber
  • Zen Gesner - Marcus
  • Natalia Nogulich - Nancy Worthen
  • Blake Shields - Rob

Alternate versions

When it premiered in October 2004 on ABC Family channel The Hollow was trimmed slightly to eliminate the violence of the Headless Horseman's attacks, and several of the lines had to be re-dubbed to eliminate promiscuous references and graphic profanity. The entire sequence of Rob and Erica's liaison and attack had several different cuts. Rob's severed head was also edited out of frame. The deaths of Erica, Sheriff Duncan, and Marcus were toned down slightly eliminating their bodies' blood flow, but leaving the sound of the Horseman's sword slashing at their throats. Karen's discovery of all the severed heads also had an alternate shot to not show the gore dripping from them.

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