• Psycho (franchise), an American horror thriller film franchise based on the Bloch novel
    • Psycho (1960 film), a film by Alfred Hitchcock
    • Psycho II, (1983) a sequel to the original film, following the plot of the previous novel
    • Psycho III, (1986) a follow-up to the 2nd film.
    • Psycho IV: The Beginning, a 1990 sequel to the 1986 film, made for cable television.
    • Psycho (1998 film), a remake of the original film by Gus Van Sant starring Vince Vaughn.
  • Psycho (2008 film), an Indian film (in Kannada language) directed by Devadatta
  • Psycho (2013 film), a Telugu film directed by Kishore Bhargava


Musical works

  • Psycho (soundtrack), the soundtrack album to the 1998 remake of Psycho
  • Psycho (That's Outrageous! album), 2012
  • "Psycho" (Imelda May song), from Mayhem
  • "Psycho" (Lords of the Underground song), from Here Come the Lords
  • "Psycho" (Muse song), from Drones
  • "Psycho" (Post Malone song), from Beerbongs and Bentleys
  • "Psycho" (Puddle of Mudd song), from Famous
  • "Psycho", a song by 50 Cent from Before I Self Destruct
  • "Psycho", a song by Breaking Benjamin from Ember
  • "Psycho", a song by Infected Mushroom from The Gathering
  • "Psycho", a song by Lower Class Brats
  • "Psycho", a song written by Leon Payne
  • "Psycho", a song by Rebound!
  • "Psycho", a song by Scooter
  • "Psycho", a song by The Sonics
  • "Psycho", a song by System of a Down from Toxicity
  • "Psycho", a song by 12 Stones from Beneath the Scars


  • Psycho Weasel, the mentally unstable weasel and one of the Toon Patrol members from Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • Sgt. Michael "Psycho" Sykes, a character in the Crysis video game series
  • Psycho (Borderlands character), a type of enemy in the Borderlands video game
  • Psycho (brand), a Japanese visual novel studio
  • The Psycho, one of the primary antagonists of the game Until Dawn

Other uses

  • PsychoPublishing, an imprint of the German group VDM Publishing
  • Psychiatrist (game) or Psycho, a party game
  • Psycho Records, an English record label
  • The Psychos, a New York hardcore band
  • Psycho Donuts, a donut store in Canada and Northern America
  • Psycho, American professional wrestler
  • "Psycho" Sid Vicious (born 1960), American professional wrestler
  • Psycho, a type of drug in the Fallout series of video games

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