• Abelian variety, a complex torus that can be embedded into projective space
  • Abstract variety, an intrinsically defined variety
  • Algebraic variety, the basic object of study in algebraic geometry
    • Affine variety, a subset of algebraic varieties
    • Projective variety, a subset of algebraic varieties
    • Quasi-projective variety, a subset of algebraic varieties (which includes projective and affine varieties)
  • Complex-analytic variety, an object much like an algebraic variety but defined as the zero set of finitely many (real- or complex-)analytic functions
  • Variety (universal algebra), classes of algebraic structures defined by equations in universal algebra
  • Linear variety, a subset of n-dimensional space that is congruent to a Euclidean space


  • Variety (botany), a formal rank in botanical taxonomic nomenclature
  • Variety (cybernetics), the number of possible states of a system or of an element of the system
  • Variety (linguistics), a concept that includes, for instance, dialects, standard language and jargon
  • Plant variety (law), a legal rather than taxonomic term for a cultivar or hybrid protected by patent law
  • "Variety", an informal (and incorrect and ambiguous) rather than taxonomic term for cultivar in horticulture

Print media

  • Variety (magazine), an entertainment industry newspaper
  • Variety Obituaries, 15-volume series with every obituary published by the entertainment trade magazine Variety from 1905 to 1994
  • Variety Film Reviews, the 24-volume hardcover reprint of feature film reviews by the weekly entertainment tabloid-size magazine Variety from 1907 to 1996


  • Variety (Les Rita Mitsouko album), the seventh studio album by Les Rita Mitsouko
  • Variety (Tokyo Incidents album), Japanese band Tokyo Jihen's third studio album
  • Variety (Family Fodder album), 2013
  • Variety Records, a short-lived US record label that was produced for Irving Mills' Master Records, Inc. by Brunswick Records

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