'Gator Bait

'Gator Bait


The film follows a barefoot poacher named Desiree who lives deep in the swamp lands. Ben Bracken and Deputy Billy find Desiree trapping alligators and chase her, looking to exact sexual favors. Desiree outsmarts the two men. During the chase, however, Billy accidentally shoots Ben. Billy tells his father, Sheriff Joe Bob Thomas, that Desiree was the shooter. Sheriff Thomas and sons join a search party looking for Desiree and attack Desiree 's family. Desiree exacts her revenge against the attackers.


  • Claudia Jennings as Desiree Thibodeau
  • Douglas Dirkson as Leroy Bracken
  • Bill Thurman as Sheriff Joe Bob Thomas
  • Ben Sebastion as Ben Bracken
  • Tracy Sebastion as Big T
  • Sam Gilman as T.J. Bracken
  • Clyde Ventura as Deputy - Billy Boy
  • Don Baldwin as Pete Bracken
  • Janit Baldwin as Julie
  • Vocals By Lee Darin

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  • Also, reference, the colonial period were slave owners used slave babies as alligator bait in order to catch large alligators. The term "Gator Bait" originated from this macabre practice. Contrary to written record, because Negros were considered property such as livestock, terms like "mildly harmed" during these alligator hunting events can not convey the true horrors of what Negros experienced at the hand of their white slave owners.

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