Lua Vermelha

Lua Vermelha


The Colégio Vale da Luz (Valley of Light Boarding School), a boarding school located in the middle of the Sintra Mountains, is a fierce institution known for its discipline and the way it shapes and prepares its students, several of which are in a peculiar or critical situation (either orphans, problematic teenagers or gifted ones), that for obvious reasons don't fit in the usual school system. It is there where Isabel, a 17-year-old girl who just lost her parents, will find friends and a mystical, mysterious and impossible love. When her parents died, Isabel was put under her uncles' care, but they only care for her money. On her first day at school, a very special boy will catch her eyes, maybe even too special.

Hanging out only with his "siblings", Afonso Azevedo is known, just like them, for being attractive, ethereal and untouchable. What no one knows is that Afonso and his "siblings", Beatriz and Henrique, hold a very old and dangerous secret: they are vampires. A typical Romeo and Juliet kind of story with a mystical and magic touch, that may just end with a happy ending.


  • Mafalda Luís de Castro - Isabel Oliveira
  • Rui Porto Nunes - Afonso Azevedo (186 years old)
  • António Camelier - Henrique Azevedo (83 years old)
  • Catarina Mago - Beatriz Azevedo (354 years old)
  • Anabela Teixeira - Francisca Azevedo (115 years old)
  • Afonso Araujo - Filipe Sousa
  • Diogo Costa Reis - Joel Soares
  • Henrique Carvalho - Hélio Raposo
  • Pedro Jervis - Gustavo Vilaverde
  • Cecília Henriques - Matilde Borges
  • Eva Barros - Joana Amarante
  • Laura Figueiredo - Laura Telles
  • Inês Aires Pereira - Luísa Ruas
  • Joana Oliveira - Rita Gouveia
  • Raimundo Cosme - Tiago Marques
  • Tiago Teotónio Pereira - Manuel (Manel) Zarco
  • Carla Lopes - Clara Mendonça
  • Sara Vicente - Maria do Céu Lage
  • Raquel André - Vânia Fraga
  • Rodolfo Venâncio - Edmundo Pestana (Ed)
  • Matilde Alçada - Daniela Lage
  • Alexandre Silva - Simão Paradela
  • Cristina Cunha - Magda Sousa
  • Ivo Alexandre - Abílio da Gampedangera
  • Joana Balaguer - Sofia Pinhão
  • Luís Vicente - Lúcio Cunha
  • Ronaldo Bonacchi - Guilherme Cardoso
  • Sofia Espírito Santo - Fátima Loureiro
  • Dimitry Bogomolov - Máximo (1000 years old)
  • Carlos Pimenta - Rogério Nogueira
  • David Pereira Bastos - Samuel Garcia
  • Filipe Vargas - André
  • Paulo Oom - Raul Andrade

Special Appearances:

  • Diana Chaves - Carolina (94 anos)
  • Inês Castel Branco - Helena Bathory (450 years old)
  • Merche Romero - Diana Amaral (51 years old)
  • Ricardo Pereira - Vasco Galvão (585 years old)
  • Virgílio Castelo - Jaguar
  • Tobias Monteiro - Xavier (+100 years old)
  • Francisco Areosa - Duarte
  • Tomás Alves- Victor (186 years old)
  • Pedro Lacerda- Octávio Raposo (16 years old)
  • Diogo Morgado-Artur (915 years old)
  • Dânia Neto- Eva (138 years old)
  • Joana Seixas - Verónica
  • Vítor Gonçalves - Vladimir Polansky (760 years old)
  • João Manzarra- Mais Antigo (4000 years old)
  • Sofia Nicholson - Daniela's mother
  • Igor Almeida

Filming location

In Lua Vermelha, the characters meet in two main sets: The mountains and the boarding school.

Most of the vampire scenes take place in the Sintra Mountains. All of the wild and forest-like scenes are recorded there.

The outside of the Colégio Vale da Luz (Valley of Light Boarding School) was filmed in Cascais at the Palace of the Condes de Castro Guimarães (also known as the Tower of St. Sebastian), a 19th-century palace built in a small cove which stretches to the ocean.

The image sequences that appear sometimes were filmed in the Convento dos Capuchos and in the Sintra Mountains.

The inside of buildings (the school, the bar and the headquarters of Eternal Light) were all filmed in a studio.


  • Morte ao Sol (Death to the Sun) - Remake from GNR
  • Lua Vermelha (Red Moon) - David Rossi e Ana Vieira
  • Ai se ele cai (Oh if it falls) - Xutos e Pontapés
  • Embora doa (Although it hurts)- Klepht
  • Balas de Prata (Silver Bullets) - Sebenta
  • Tudo de Novo (All over again) - Klepht
  • Cada dia que passa (Every day that passes) - Tambor
  • A vida dos outros (The Lives of others) - Pluto
  • Contos de Fadas de Sintra e Lisboa (Fairy Tales of Sintra and Lisbon) - Os Pontos Negros
  • Olhos de quem (Whose Eyes) - Sebenta
  • Linhas Cruzadas (Crossed lines) - Virgem Suta
  • Apenas mais um dia (Just one more day) - Manga
  • Sangue Oculto (Occult Blood) - GNR
  • Morfina (Morphine) - Mundo Cão
  • Ela era só mais uma (She was just one more) - Classificados

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