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James Ward


  • James Ward (frontiersman) (1763-1846), member of Kentucky House of Representatives and Senate
  • James G. Ward (born 1942), American politician in Florida
  • James Hugh Ward (1853-1916), U.S. Representative from Illinois
  • James Kewley Ward (1819-1910), Canadian lumber merchant and politician
  • Jim Ward (Kansas politician) (born 1957), Democratic member of the Kansas House of Representatives


  • James Ward (artist) (1769-1859), artist
  • James Ward (Irish artist) (1851-1924), Irish artist
  • Jimmy Ward (banjo player) (1909-1987), Irish traditional banjo player
  • Jim Ward (body piercer) (born 1941), pioneer in body piercing when he opened The Gauntlet in 1975
  • Jim Ward (game designer) (born 1951), game designer and creator of the Gamma World role playing game
  • Jim Ward (voice actor) (born 1959), American voice actor who co-hosts The Stephanie Miller Show
  • James Harvey Ward (born 1978), American actor
  • Jim Ward (musician) (born 1976), rock musician
  • James Ward (writer) (born 1981), English writer, founder of Boring Conference
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